The Benefit of Medical Tourism in France


France is a top spot for medical tourism today. It is linked to spending by the French government on healthcare in the country (>11% of GDP).

The healthcare system in France is government-controlled, with the government responsible for 77% of healthcare costs and 62% of the hospitals. The government strictly regulates the sector hence reduced the risk for unsafe practices.

Let us review some benefits of medical tourism in France

Top Benefits of Medical Tourism in France

  • High Success Rates

In many treatments and procedures, there are higher cases of success in France than in most of the world. With a low mortality rate (11 deaths/1,000 people), France is among the top countries for successful health treatments.

  • Premium Healthcare Delivery

Due to stringent regulatory measures taken by the French government, there is a premium standard of care. The government commission High Authority on Health is responsible for issuing guidelines for medical practice. The HAH is responsible for the regulation and control of the whole healthcare system in France.

For every medical procedure or condition, there are practice guidelines as prescribed by the HAH. Professional doctors work with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for any procedure they carry out.  

  • Exquisite Tourist Location 

France is one of the prime spots for tourism in the world. With a rich food and wine culture, there is a lot to explore in France. It is important to experience the beauty of France irrespective of what prompted your visit.

France has some of the best accommodation you can get if on a medical visit. If you do not live at the hospital during your stay, France offers you a beautiful living experience.


France is a spot for tourism, medical, or otherwise. They offer some of the best healthcare facilities in Europe while offering some of the best entertainment in the world. They also offer relatively cheaper healthcare than North America and most parts of Western Europe.