The Benefit of Medical Tourism in Canada


As technological advancements are made in medicine in different parts of the world, medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Medical tourism is becoming very common in Canada due to its well-developed healthcare system. Intentional efforts have been made to make Canadian healthcare appealing to foreigners. 

In this article, we will review some reasons why Canada is a choice location for medical tourism.

Benefits of Medical Tourism in Canada

  • No Language Barrier 

In Canada, the two official languages are English and French. For medical tourists whose languages are neither of the two, special provisions to help them adapt to life within that country. 

  • Highly Qualified Practitioners

Canada possesses some of the best medical practitioners in the world. The population of doctors in Canada (241/100,000 citizens) is relatively high when compared with other countries. This allows for easy access to quality physicians.

  • No Medical Procedure is Illegal

In different parts of the world, some medical procedures are illegal. Procedures like cosmetic surgeries, fertility treatments, etc. are against the laws in some parts of the world. In Canada, there are no restrictions to the medical procedures that are carried out.

  • Topnotch Hospitals

In Canada, there are first-class hospitals that operate at the highest standards in the world. With five hospitals appearing in Newsweek “World’s Best Hospital-Top 200 Global”, Canada is home to some of the best medical facilities in the world. 

  • Pediatric Services 

In Canada, there are many well-developed pediatric facilities. Patients who come from less developed nations have access to quality treatment due to humanitarian conditions.

Canada offers one of the best healthcare for children in the world. There are 16 children’s hospitals, each offering the highest level of specialization. 


The Canadian healthcare system is publicly funded, through the different provinces and territories. However, government health insurance is not available to medical tourists hence, medical tourists are a huge source of cash flow for the hospitals.