The Benefit of Medical Tourism in France


France is a top spot for medical tourism today. It is linked to spending by the French government on healthcare in the country (>11% of GDP).

The healthcare system in France is government-controlled, with the government responsible for 77% of healthcare costs and 62% of the hospitals. The government strictly regulates the sector hence reduced the risk for unsafe practices.

Let us review some benefits of medical tourism in France

Top Benefits of Medical Tourism in France

  • High Success Rates

In many treatments and procedures, there are higher cases of success in France than in most of the world. With a low mortality rate (11 deaths/1,000 people), France is among the top countries for successful health treatments.

  • Premium Healthcare Delivery

Due to stringent regulatory measures taken by the French government, there is a premium standard of care. The government commission High Authority on Health is responsible for issuing guidelines for medical practice. The HAH is responsible for the regulation and control of the whole healthcare system in France.

For every medical procedure or condition, there are practice guidelines as prescribed by the HAH. Professional doctors work with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for any procedure they carry out.  

  • Exquisite Tourist Location 

France is one of the prime spots for tourism in the world. With a rich food and wine culture, there is a lot to explore in France. It is important to experience the beauty of France irrespective of what prompted your visit.

France has some of the best accommodation you can get if on a medical visit. If you do not live at the hospital during your stay, France offers you a beautiful living experience.


France is a spot for tourism, medical, or otherwise. They offer some of the best healthcare facilities in Europe while offering some of the best entertainment in the world. They also offer relatively cheaper healthcare than North America and most parts of Western Europe.

The Benefit of Medical Tourism in Canada


As technological advancements are made in medicine in different parts of the world, medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Medical tourism is becoming very common in Canada due to its well-developed healthcare system. Intentional efforts have been made to make Canadian healthcare appealing to foreigners. 

In this article, we will review some reasons why Canada is a choice location for medical tourism.

Benefits of Medical Tourism in Canada

  • No Language Barrier 

In Canada, the two official languages are English and French. For medical tourists whose languages are neither of the two, special provisions to help them adapt to life within that country. 

  • Highly Qualified Practitioners

Canada possesses some of the best medical practitioners in the world. The population of doctors in Canada (241/100,000 citizens) is relatively high when compared with other countries. This allows for easy access to quality physicians.

  • No Medical Procedure is Illegal

In different parts of the world, some medical procedures are illegal. Procedures like cosmetic surgeries, fertility treatments, etc. are against the laws in some parts of the world. In Canada, there are no restrictions to the medical procedures that are carried out.

  • Topnotch Hospitals

In Canada, there are first-class hospitals that operate at the highest standards in the world. With five hospitals appearing in Newsweek “World’s Best Hospital-Top 200 Global”, Canada is home to some of the best medical facilities in the world. 

  • Pediatric Services 

In Canada, there are many well-developed pediatric facilities. Patients who come from less developed nations have access to quality treatment due to humanitarian conditions.

Canada offers one of the best healthcare for children in the world. There are 16 children’s hospitals, each offering the highest level of specialization. 


The Canadian healthcare system is publicly funded, through the different provinces and territories. However, government health insurance is not available to medical tourists hence, medical tourists are a huge source of cash flow for the hospitals. 

The Health Risks Of Nicotine Addiction

In today’s society, there is a large number of people who smoke occasionally – or on a daily basis; but either way – as they begin to do so – a series of consequences are always soon to follow. For – after a short while – one cigarette has the ability to turn into one pack, and one pack has the ability to turn into two; but since the purchase of nicotine products is legal, such an addiction is oftentimes dismissed – and seen as normal in the eyes of the public. 

In turn, it’s important to be aware of this type of substance abuse because through it addicts are able to go as far as smoking in front of family members – and friends – with little to no protest. In other words, the loved ones they are surrounded by may only see them with one or two cigarettes – when in reality they’ve had many more while under the radar. As a result, this can lead to a wide range of health risks – which contribute to endangering their wellbeing. 

Consequently, there are people who already have underlying health issues – who still continue to smoke – because of how deep they are in their addiction. One example of this can be seen in those who have mild to severe asthma, yet continue to use; this can worsen their attacks – and how frequently they occur – by triggering them. However, this won’t be a reason to stop for those who are in the pit of addiction – and struggling to crawl their way back up. 

Another example is if the addict has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), yet continues to smoke. Since there’s no cure for this particular illness, the individual can worsen their symptoms over a short amount of time. Consequently, this can cause them a plethora of problems since COPD already aims at making it hard to breathe over time; in other words, the person would just be speeding up the process. 

In conclusion, although cigarettes are a societal norm – nicotine addiction should be anything but downplayed. Fortunately, the opportunity to seek out help is always readily available – for those who are struggling; it is only then that they are able to get the treatment they need – so that they can be back on the road to a healthy life.

Health In France VS. Health In Canada

Every place is different when it comes to the health of a certain group of people. For one may live in the mountains, and in turn find himself/herself dealing with an extensive amount of respiratory problems due to the high altitude. A similar case of such can be seen for those located in highly polluted areas, as it can cause a plethora of respiratory problems for them as well. But weather, and/or environment is not the only factor that can cause one’s health to deteriorate, for sometimes it isn’t one’s surroundings, but instead what one subjects himself/herself to.

As a result-when putting climate aside-an extensive amount of research shows the most prominent health risks that people might in fact place upon themselves, no matter the country, state, province, etc. Two places in which we see variations in the health of the people are in both France and Canada. But what is going on in each location?

First and foremost is France where we find that “cancer is the leading cause of death in France, accounting for 25%. However, these are gender differences: 33% of all deaths among men were related to cancer, while this portion was lower among women (24%).” Not only that, but “cardiovascular diseases accounted for the greatest share of female deaths (27%).” But it is with such that we see the potential cause(s), coming in the form of smoking in young teens. Similarly, we see the health risk of cancer in that of Canadians, as well as “cancer and other major chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and diabetes continue to be the leading causes of death amongst all Canadians.” Not only that, but a comparison can be drawn again as factors for the diseases that Canada faces are also contributing to substance abuse in youths-no matter whether it be through drugs or alcohol.

In conclusion, it is only through seeing the trends in Canada, France, and others that one can become more informed and literate to such, and action can then be taken in an attempt to improve the health of the general population. But, such change must first begin with the individuals themselves if they are taking part in activities that weaken their health, rather than strengthening it. For, in every country certain factors cannot be helped, but for one to make changes in his/her health-and/or in the areas that one is able to-can still make all the difference.

French and Canadian Medical Travel

medical travel France CanadaCanada and France are two countries that have a long history of travel between them. One only has to observe the culture of Eastern Canada to understand the close relationship that Canada and France have. However, a more recent phenomenon between the two countries is medical travel, or medical tourism. Medical tourism is something that has expanded across the globe in recent years. It is when someone travels, particularly outside of their country of origin, for a medical procedure or expenditure. France and Canada have similar healthcare systems, but both are very unique in their own way and often attract each other’s citizens to travel for the purpose of medical treatment.

Canada is known for its mix of public and private healthcare. The socialized medical system of Canada has earned a reputation of making medical procedures and visits affordable to Canadian residents, yet the privatization of the healthcare system attracts excellent doctors and world class medical professionals to serve in its industry. It is common for French citizens to travel in order to take advantage of the medical facilities, specialists, mental health expertise and addiction rehabs in Canada, such as drug and alcohol rehab Alberta.

France is better known for its governmental healthcare system. The medical system in France is even more government run than in Canada. A major difference between France and Canada’s healthcare system is that France’s coverage includes prescription medications. While American residents come to Canada for affordable medication, Canadian residents could benefit from traveling to France for their medications.

As medical tourism becomes more common and accessible to the average person, many people are discovering the benefits to have part or all of their medical needs met in another country. Canada and France are separated by many miles and finding affordable travel accommodations between the two can be challenging. But for those who can manage the travel distance, it can be worthwhile to take advantage of the strong points in either system by temporarily relocating.


Medical Tourism Between France and Canada

France Canada medical tourismFrench residents and citizens can benefit greatly from traveling to Canada for medical services. This is not because the French medical system is sub-par or lacking. In fact, the French healthcare system is thought of by many organizations as the best in the world. French people can make use out of the Canadian medical system because it is simply different from theirs. The Canadian and French healthcare systems are very similar, but one can still find significant differences in the philosophies behind the two systems, as well as the way they are accessed by their people.

Canada offers some of the best medical services in the Western world as an advanced, developed nation. Canada prides itself on its devotion to its sciences and medicines. The country’s focus on its excellence in execution in these two areas is significant. The doctors that emerge from Canadian medical programs are well trusted and highly professional. The facilities these doctors practice in are some of the most modern in the world. The medical engineering feats that provide the medical equipment in Canadian medical facilities are also top of the line.

For those who would travel from France to Canada for medical care, they will be welcomed by a culture friendly to medical tourists. Canada’s medical practices are open to those who have traveled in order to take advantage of them. The Canadian medical system invites foreigners to take advantage of its services, either through foreign insurance policies or out of pocket. This obviously benefits the Canadian medical industry economically, but Canadian doctors are also interested in studying diseases and ailments from other regions of the world because it furthers their body of knowledge and permits the exchange of medical information between countries.

Canada also offers professional support services for high end rehab Canada, for managing tourists within the medical profession.

And lastly, Canada is a great place for French medical tourists to travel to because Canada and France share many cultural elements as well as a language. Canada and France simply have a good working relationship with one another, not only because Canada was partly colonized by France, but because they have a history of economic and cultural cooperation with one another.

Canadian Healthcare

healthcare in CanadaCanada’s healthcare system is unique among healthcare systems in the Western world. Not only is it socialized and popular among the people of Canada, but it is also considered one of the most functional healthcare systems in the Western world. Its medical professionals are highly educated, its facilities are managed properly and its equipment is state of the art. This quality of medical care is frequently not as accessible in other parts of the world as it is in Canada, but with a tried and true socialized medical system, all Canadians have access to these excellent medical services. This combination of factors is what makes the Canadian medical system so popular to its citizens and residents.

Throughout Canada, the costs of healthcare to the people are minimal and regulated by the provinces. Many provinces offer completely free healthcare while others require a small premium. This small premium, combined with the taxes Canadians pay and additional government funding is what keeps the Canadian medical system running. In addition to the public healthcare services, private insurance policies are an option to Canadians who are seeking specialized medical services. A large percentage of the population foregoes the option of private insurance, but it is available to those who would benefit from it. The system is so accessible to Canadians that few people have a need for additional coverage. It goes without saying that Canadians have pride in and appreciation for their healthcare system.

The doctors in Canada are some of the most highly educated and well trained in the world. It is true that there is a shortage of doctors in Canada. This is due to the income ceiling they run up against under socialized medicine. In places like the United States, where privatized healthcare plays a much bigger role in the medical system than it does in Canada, doctors and physicians are allowed to be more capitalistic and earn higher incomes. This option is attractive to many doctors who study in Canada, and with the United States being such a close neighbor, many Canadian doctors immigrate to earn a United States income. This does not depreciate the quality of the treatment provided in Canada. It only makes wait times to see a physician a bit longer.

French Healthcare

healthcare in France
The World Health Organization recently declared that France has the best healthcare system in the world, according to statistics. This agreement was reached by examining the overall health of French people in relation to the functionality of their healthcare system. What was found is that France is achieving a very successful balanced between the people and the government each doing their part to keep their healthcare system healthy and thriving, and the rewards benefit everyone.

A vast majority of medical expenditures in France are covered by the government. Nearly 77-percent of all medical expenditures are taken care of by France’s government budgeting. The French government is responsible for paying the salaries of its medical professionals while the smaller burden of minimal premiums and taxation falls on the French residents and citizens.

The French healthcare system is socialized but it comes with privatized options. Those who want to pay low premiums or no premiums at all in some cases can stick with the government provided healthcare, but those who wish to obtain specialty services can opt for a privatized insurance policy for additional costs. These services are valuable to people with unique medical conditions who need more healthcare than others. But the average French resident or citizen can gt by easily on the socialized healthcare plan.

The physicians in France are highly accredited medical professionals who have a well-rounded perspective on medicine and healthcare. Their value on excellence in medicine is noteworthy, and the philosophy on medicine that they promote is well balanced. This is related to the cultural approach that French people take on personal health in general. The French have a very responsible mindset when it comes to health and a very good sense of personal responsibility. Rather than placing the entire burden of health on the medical system, the French are proactive with their health, collectively eating well, exercising and taking a reasonable pace of life.