French and Canadian Medical Travel

medical travel France CanadaCanada and France are two countries that have a long history of travel between them. One only has to observe the culture of Eastern Canada to understand the close relationship that Canada and France have. However, a more recent phenomenon between the two countries is medical travel, or medical tourism. Medical tourism is something that has expanded across the globe in recent years. It is when someone travels, particularly outside of their country of origin, for a medical procedure or expenditure. France and Canada have similar healthcare systems, but both are very unique in their own way and often attract each other’s citizens to travel for the purpose of medical treatment.

Canada is known for its mix of public and private healthcare. The socialized medical system of Canada has earned a reputation of making medical procedures and visits affordable to Canadian residents, yet the privatization of the healthcare system attracts excellent doctors and world class medical professionals to serve in its industry. It is common for French citizens to travel in order to take advantage of the medical facilities, specialists, mental health expertise and addiction rehabs in Canada, such as drug and alcohol rehab Alberta.

France is better known for its governmental healthcare system. The medical system in France is even more government run than in Canada. A major difference between France and Canada’s healthcare system is that France’s coverage includes prescription medications. While American residents come to Canada for affordable medication, Canadian residents could benefit from traveling to France for their medications.

As medical tourism becomes more common and accessible to the average person, many people are discovering the benefits to have part or all of their medical needs met in another country. Canada and France are separated by many miles and finding affordable travel accommodations between the two can be challenging. But for those who can manage the travel distance, it can be worthwhile to take advantage of the strong points in either system by temporarily relocating.