Canadian Healthcare

healthcare in CanadaCanada’s healthcare system is unique among healthcare systems in the Western world. Not only is it socialized and popular among the people of Canada, but it is also considered one of the most functional healthcare systems in the Western world. Its medical professionals are highly educated, its facilities are managed properly and its equipment is state of the art. This quality of medical care is frequently not as accessible in other parts of the world as it is in Canada, but with a tried and true socialized medical system, all Canadians have access to these excellent medical services. This combination of factors is what makes the Canadian medical system so popular to its citizens and residents.

Throughout Canada, the costs of healthcare to the people are minimal and regulated by the provinces. Many provinces offer completely free healthcare while others require a small premium. This small premium, combined with the taxes Canadians pay and additional government funding is what keeps the Canadian medical system running. In addition to the public healthcare services, private insurance policies are an option to Canadians who are seeking specialized medical services. A large percentage of the population foregoes the option of private insurance, but it is available to those who would benefit from it. The system is so accessible to Canadians that few people have a need for additional coverage. It goes without saying that Canadians have pride in and appreciation for their healthcare system.

The doctors in Canada are some of the most highly educated and well trained in the world. It is true that there is a shortage of doctors in Canada. This is due to the income ceiling they run up against under socialized medicine. In places like the United States, where privatized healthcare plays a much bigger role in the medical system than it does in Canada, doctors and physicians are allowed to be more capitalistic and earn higher incomes. This option is attractive to many doctors who study in Canada, and with the United States being such a close neighbor, many Canadian doctors immigrate to earn a United States income. This does not depreciate the quality of the treatment provided in Canada. It only makes wait times to see a physician a bit longer.